Paweł Miczka

Paweł Miczka

Paweł Miczka was born in Katowice into a family of musicians: his parents were oboists of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Having finished his basic education in Poland, he studied in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig (Germany) with professor Roland Baldini. Thanks to his teacher, Paweł discovered the historical performance practice and started to study baroque violin with professor Susanne Scholz. Still in Leipzig, Paweł felt a vocation to teach music. He attended a music pedagogy course and worked as a music teacher in Halle. After that, he studied early music performance in the Conservatory of The Hague with professor Enrico Gatti.
Having obtained his diploma in The Netherlands, Paweł started doctoral studies in the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in his hometown, Katowice. He specializes in historical performance practice of the viennese pre-classical and classical chamber music.
The art of improvisation plays a significant role in Paweł’s artistic activity. Already during his studies in Leipzig, he had the chance to work on his improvisational skills with Tilo Augusten. Thanks to the ability of combining them with various musical styles Paweł is interested in, he participated in a large number of performances of baroque and contemporary music, as well as jazz and folk. As a result of that, he founded the ensemble Mitomani with a group of students of The Hague’s Royal Conservatory.
Paweł had the chance to develop his musical skills with eminent teachers such as Franz Brüggen, Barthold Kuijken, Christophe Coin, Erich Höbarth, Midori Goto, Clive Brown, Ryo Terakado, Kati Debretzeni, Walter Reiter, Bart van Oort and Frank de Bruine. He often performs with German, Dutch and Polish ensembles such as Cammermusik Potsdam, Concerto Foscari, Musica Poetica, Michaelis Consort, Hof Musici and Le Concert d’Apollon.
He owns three violins: an anonymus italian instrument from the 19th century and two contemporary ones, built by Franco Simeoni from Treviso in 2010 and by Józef Świrek in 1977.
Paweł is interested in aviation, enjoys mountaineering and collects gramophone records.




Recently I added a new subpage – Articles. I will upload there my articles, not only about historical approach in music. For now the articles are only available in Polish, but soon there will be an english translation of it. Enjoy!

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